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We Love the Outdoors

We are a small family business, located in the Northern part of Israel.

Our family loves the outdoors. Sustainability and protecting nature are key elements in our lives. You can find us hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing or just hitting the trails. For us, running is much more than a sport. Being in the woods or watching the sunrise from a cliff or a mountain top we just reached is the quintessence of living and the purest definition of freedom. We also believe that running is a communal endeavor, and love the camaraderie on the trails. 

With a vast experience in running, racing ultra-marathons and multi-stage races around the globe, we decided to share our passion for the outdoors and specifically trail and mountain running with others. We do that by organizing running adventures for trail runners, enhancing their experience by bringing together people from around the globe.

We put our heart and soul in each running vacation, adventure or expedition and hope to meet you soon in one of our groups!

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