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  • What is a “Running Vacation”?
    For “runthiasts” who want to combine their joy of running with a vacation in exotic, remote locations. The adventure will take you to places that you can reach only by foot, with like-minded people from around the globe. Your role is to run and enjoy the adventure; we will take care of all the rest. This is not a race; we will move in a comfortable and safe pace, which will allow you to absorb the views and enjoy the experience.
  • What kind of Vacation/Adventure/Expedition trips you offer?
    Our routes will take you through scenic landscapes abundant with historical sites and fascinating natural phenomena. Our Personalized Running Experiences are tailor-made for your requirements and preferences. These flexible outings can be one or two days long, and may be near your resort or hotel or further away, depending on your time constraints; they can even consist of a full weekend which includes camping outdoors. Our Multi-Day Running Adventures are longer events which include camping outdoors, and consist of two packages which vary in difficulty: The Adventure Running Package is designed for less experienced trail runners. We will cover 15-20 km daily, on easy to medium-level technical terrain. The Expedition Running Package is designed for experienced trail runners. The daily distance can vary from 20 to 35 km, and may pass through technical single tracks.
  • How hard are the runs?
    Since this is not a race, it mainly depends on you. Many sections can be fast hiked, as there is no rush. We recommend that you are able to run 15-20 km in several consecutive days. Our trails and routes includes some steep sections where you can hike in a comfortable pace.Since this is not a race, it mainly depends on you. Many sections can be fast hiked, as there is no rush. We recommend that you are able to run 15-20 km in several consecutive days. Our trails and routes includes some steep sections where you can hike in a comfortable pace.
  • What sort of terrain will we running on?
    Most of the runs are along double track desert roads. Depending on the type of adventure, we will also explore some hidden single tracks and hiking tracks along the route. Please contact us if you are interested in more route-specific information.
  • Can friend/spouse that not running join me?
    Yes of course. The friend/spouse will travel with the logistics team and discover the views and sites along the route, depending on schedule and accessibility. The running group and the logistics group, depending on the specific route, will reunite at least once during the running segment. If you have a non-runner friend or a spouse who are interested in experiencing your adventure by joining the logistics team, please contact us to ensure that the specific package will provide a fun experience to your friend or spouse as well.
  • Do I need a travel insurance?
    We request our clients to have a pre-set travel insurance that includes adventure travel activities.
  • What is included in the trip cost?
    We will pick you and your gear up from a pre-defined hotel in the early morning of day 1 and return you, in the evening of the last day to the same hotel. During that time we will cover the costs of all logistics, including transfers between the hotel and the trails, meals and snacks, beverages (non-alcoholic), tents, applicable site-seeing expenses (entrance to national parks etc.), an experienced running group leader, and a Canaan Running Adventures Souvenir. Package specific information will be sent to interested participants.
  • What isn’t included in the trip cost?
    The trip cost do not include international flights to and from Tel Aviv, hotel nights at the beginning of the package and on the last day, alcoholic beverages, travel insurance, visas (if applicable), personal expenses, other personal activities that you might take on possible sites.
  • What is the weather like?
    Israel has a Mediterranean climate, characterized by hot and rainless summers, and relatively short, cool, and rainy winters. Climate conditions are highly variable throughout the seasons. On average, January is the coldest month with an average temperature ranging from 6 to 15 deg. Celsius (43-59 F). July and August are the hottest months with average daily temperatures ranging from 23 to 33 deg. Celsius (72-92 F). Our trips take time between October and May, when the weather is cooler and more pleasant for outdoor activities. More detailed information will be sent beforehand to interested participants, according to the timing and location of the trip.
  • Accommodations
    Our overnight rest stops will be located in officially designated camping spots (according to the regulations of Israel’s Nature and Parks Authority). We will sleep in personal tents or larger tents (where available) according to personal preference. If you prefer and the weather allows it, you can sleep under the starry sky out in the open, in a true desert outdoor fashion.
  • Food
    The food choice will depend on the season. We will cook on-site, including open fire dishes. We believe in healthy living and will emphasize healthy, fresh food. We will make sure that no one goes hungry. Please let us know in advance about specific dietary requests.
  • How do I stay in contact?
    You can e-mail us and we will supply all the information you may require. If you would like to chat with us or have a video call, just let us know.
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